Name Development

A. Products and Services
We develop names for new products, new services, functions, etc. We create and refine names that express as fully as possible the merits and desired image of the product or service.
B. Brands and Business
Facilities We develop brand names that are used to refer collectively to multiple products and facility names for facilities that serve multiple businesses. Unlike names for individual products or companies, this kind of name development requires capturing the feeling and image of the whole without getting caught up in individual details. It also requires obtaining trademark rights under various categories.
C. Companies
We develop names for new companies and for existing companies in need of a new name. As times change, company names that reflect a new image become necessary.

Shoulder Phrase Development
We develop shoulder phrases that re-present functions and characteristics which cannot be expressed by a name alone.

Keyword Development
Based on a theme provided by the customer, we gather key words to be used in name development. Languages supported include Japanese, English, etc.

Name Rearrangement
Service If the results of the trademark investigation show that the name is the same or significantly similar to an existing trademark, the name cannot be registered as a trademark. By rearranging a portion of the name, however, the eligibility of the name can sometimes be reversed.

Trademark Investigation by Attorney (Japan)
This is a trademark investigation performed by our affiliated attorney. The investigation requires approximately two business days from the day of request. If necessary, we can also provide next day service wherein the investigation is completed by the following day.

Same-Name Check (Japan)
We can use trademark databases such as "Patoris" and "-Brandy" to find out if a name is already in the database. This investigation is faster than the trademark investigation (results available on the same or next day), but it is not sufficient to determine whether or not the name can be registered as a trademark. To determine trademark eligibility, a trademark investigation by an attorney, as described above, must also be conducted.

Trademark Investigation (Outside Japan)
Utilizing our networking resources, we can also conduct trademark investigations outside of Japan. The time and cost requirements depend on the country and the number of names to be investigated. Ask us for an estimate.

Slang Investigation
(English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, etc.)
Your carefully selected name may have a bad meaning or an inappropriate image in other countries. Such possibilities are investigated by members of our staff who are native speakers of the target language.

Name Image Investigation (Target 100, Target 30)
We can directly investigate the image that a name invokes in potential customers using a test group of 30 to 100 people. We provide a wide range of options regarding the control factors of the investigation, such as grouping according location, age, and occupation. The results of the investigation are presented from various angles using such tools as written explanations, radar charts, and tables.

Brand Systemization Support
With the complicated glut of intra-corporate names, there are times when an existing brand name is not a good match or lacks continuity with the product line. Overabundance of names has become a significant problem for some companies. We call the business of establishing the appropriate themes and systemizing the naming process for such companies "brand systemization."

Logo Mark Design
A good name requires a good logo. After selecting a name, we can also design a suitable logo mark.

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