Product Names
(brand names, individual names, sub-names, nicknames, etc.)
As the words imply, a product name explains very simply what a product is. For any given product, depending on its ranking and target customer base, there is a brand name that collectively represents multiple products, as well as an individual name for the product itself, and supporting sub-names.

Function Names (technical terms, product function, etc.)
A function name conveys the function of a product in a manner that is easily understood by the user. Since many of the concepts behind modern technology are difficult to explain, some function names involve complicated expressions.

System Names
When multiple products are combined to build a single system, a system name is used to refer to the system as a whole. Examples of such systems are crime prevention systems for buildings, fire alarm systems, and computer LANs. Since systems are a combination of various products and technologies, system names should convey the purpose and orientation of the system in terms that are not limited to any particular field.

Service Names
Service names are product names for the service industry. Examples of fields requiring service names are finance, insurance, real estate, travel agencies, construction, communications, and food and beverage services.

Facility Names
Facility names include the names of buildings, hotels, coliseums, business facilities, museums, bridges, roads, and underground shopping areas.

Company Names
As a company's business and territory expand, the company may reach a point where its name is no longer appropriate. Since both the management and the company employees have strong feelings regarding the company name, changing the name can be a strenuous ordeal.

Corporate Brand names
It is not only large companies whose business area extends beyond Japan to other parts of the world. Corporate brands refer to alternate company names that are functional in the international arena.

Organization Names
While typical corporations have hierarchical structures in which there are many different divisions, departments, sections, and sub-sections, the number of corporations with amoeba-like structures is on the rise.

Occupation Names
Such conventional categories as "sales" and "office work" do not appeal to the dreams of those who are looking for a new place of employment. Furthermore, when your company is trying to enter a new field of business, titles such as "Sales Person" and "Accounting Department Employee" are not exactly advantageous. There is a need for titles that provide people with enthusiasm for their jobs.

Campaign Names
The names of campaigns for expressing the direction taken by corporations are considered to be particularly important. Recently, campaign names are on a rising trend toward slogans.

Overseas Market Oriented Names
Overseas market oriented names are any of the above types of names that have been developed for overseas markets. The languages we currently support include Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shanghai dialect), Korean, American English, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. With our elite staff of native speakers and our onsite networks in the target countries, we can provide names that match each cultural setting. We will continue to expand our network capabilities.

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