During orientation, we ask about the purpose, characteristics, target customer base, market conditions, sales channels, competition, etc., regarding the product or service. At this stage, it is best to gather as much information as possible to provide a clear sense of direction for naming the product or service.

Concept Making
Based on the gathered information, we consider how to name the product or service from various angles and points of view. We determine what kind of approach and what kinds of expressions are appropriate based on the characteristics of the product, a firm understanding of the market conditions, the status of the competition, selection of the target customer base, and the proper image of the product or service with respect to the selected target customer base.

First Presentation
Once a sense of direction has been established, we will produce a Sample Name and present it along with a Concept Sheet that explains the thinking behind the name. This presentation allows us to make sure our thinking and feel for the product are well matched with yours so that we narrow the focus of our approach.

Element Selection
After obtaining your approval at the first presentation, we begin the process of creating the element list. The element list is a list of potential terms to be used in the name. First our staff creates a preliminary list by brainstorming based on the product concept. Then, since the appropriate terms vary depending on the product and the concept, we carefully select those terms best suited to the situation. We also have the necessary computer resources to find appropriate foreign language terms quickly.

Name Creation
Based on the reference data provided by the customer and the element list that we have created, our experienced name creation staff produces a list of proposed names.

Second Presentation
Our staff presents a list of 80 to 100 names selected from among a total of several hundred proposed names. About 15 to 20 of these are presented as "recommended" by our staff. The recommended names will have been checked using our computers to make sure there are no existing trademarks in the same category. **Please note that we will not have performed a trademark investigation at this point.

Trademark Investigation by Attorney
After you have selected the final candidates from among the names presented at the second presentation, an attorney conducts a trademark investigation. If you choose to use our affiliated attorney, the investigation will be completed within two business days after requesting the investigation. If the investigation yields no names that are eligible for trademark application, you can select further candidates or we can provide additional name proposals.

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